Don Trout  
The first painting in a series of underwater acquarium fantasies, the plant
shapes are rice papers stained with watercolor and metallic acrylic inks.
Size 25" x 40"
This selection, Gymnopedie #1 by Erik Satie, as well as
all others on this website, is from Darryl Denning's CD:
Classical Guitar Artistry. His website:
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Icreated this website over 20 years ago to show my art and
to encourage my students in their quest to find their own
artistic identity. It is sadly out of date by todays website design
standards but remains a record of my career in art which is not
over yet but winding down in its final years. I am proud of where I
have been, accomplishments of students and friends
met along the way, and the recognition of my artist peers. If I
had to do it over again I wouldn't change a thing.
One last thought
Between paintings at the moment, and revising my website, I am finding some paintings
that were important milestone in my career. Somehow these never made it to print or
into the digital photo age. Unfortunately scanned from slides doesn't do them justice.
"Guardians of the Rocks"
I had never entered a competitive art show
when I entered this acrylic into a
Valley Artists Guild Gold Medal Show. It won
"Best of Show" and a cash award.
"Silverton Homestead"
Aways a walker of back streets, I saw
this unusual sight just outside of the
busy tourist streets of Silverton,
Colorado. Painted this on a gessoed
Masonite panel, experimenting at the
time with a black underpainting, egg
and acrylic on top.
A stoic Navajo surveying his field. I
felt that the background of his
ancestor's petroglyphs fit the scene
"Looking at the Past"
The figure was given to me by an artist friend whose
ancestor was with Adam Clark Vroman when he traveled
the Apache country photographing the natives. I have
made use of him in several paintings.
A Gift to a friend who lost
everything in a fire.
"Bucket Post"
The bucket is a staple of many of my
paintings. This scene from a trip through
Arizona. Sold to a man who liked the
telephone poles in the distance!
"Calico Store"
While camped outside Calico the dog and I walked
the town before anyone else was there. A
legitimate ghost town now a tourist attraction.
"Buffalo Dancer"
Love that pictograph figure. A favorite
abstract watercolor.