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The first painting in a series of underwater fantasies, the
plant shapes are rice papers stained with watercolor and
metallic acrylic inks. or
This selection, Gymnopedie #1 by Erik Satie, as well as
all others on this website, is from Darryl Denning's CD:
Classical Guitar Artistry. His website:
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Oil Paintings:

Fine Art Reproduction Oil Paintings by Famous Artists:
"Pelican Flight"

We have a favorite picnic
spot in Santa Barbara  that
offers a spectacular view of
the ocean below and the
rocky cliff side leading
down to it.

Painting is a watercolor on
300# Arches watercolor
paper. Size 30" x 22"
"Slipping Away"

I have to admit that I was so intrigued
by the eroding hillside in Laguna and
felt compelled to play with the rice
paper collaged textures and color, that
I didn't do enough with the composition.

Painting is mixed media watercolor,
acrylic, and rice paper collage.
Size 22" x 15".
"On the Rocks!"

Waves crashing into the rocks
is a scene out of my imagination.

Painting is watercolor on
Arches paper
Size 22" x 15"
"Turbulent Sea"

I have to credit George Watts for
the use of his photo for a
Thursday morning class project.

Painting is watercolor on
Arches paper
Size 14" x 11"