Plein-air Watercolors
These paintings reflect the most enjoyable experiences I have had in my painting career.
Battling the wind, heat, cold, insects, and passing art critics, also makes it the most challenging.
Paintings are all on 15" x 22" Arches watercolor paper.
"Autumn Grove"
The fall day was warm, the color magnificent, at
Placerita Canyon in Santa Clarita.
"Bishop Creek"
What could be better. My favorite fishing stream,
plenty of light, and a mountain backdrop.
"Ducks Can't Read"
Painted in University Park, in Irvine, California,
on a drizzly wet morning in spring.
"Lakeside Trail"
Franklin Canyon Lake in Hollywood,
California, provided the inspiration for this
"Veteran's Park Palm"
The park is in the foothills of
Sylmar, California.
"Follow the Stream"
Placerita Canyon Park has a
stream that flows during the
winter months. A popular
hiking place.
"Franklin Canyon Pond"
The pond is popular with hikers, children, and
duck photographers.
"Leonis Adobe Pioneer Laundry"
In those days they made their own soap and
did their laundry outside.
"Three's a Crowd"
Another Franklin Canyon
painting. The building has
since been re-roofed, losing
that nice red tile color.
"Hilltop Oak"
The roots hold tenaciously to
the eroding soil of the hill.
Painted near the pond in
Franklin Canyon.
"Tree Form"
The back-lighted tree at
Franklin Canyon Pond made
for a strong contrast painting.
"Hot Hillside"
Viewed from a shaded nook at William S.
Hart Park in Newhall, California, in July. The
hillside looked hot!
The guitarist is Darryl Denning, playing: Danza de
la Paloma Enamorada by Atahualpa Yupanqui, a
selection from his CD: Classical Guitar Artistry.