EXPERIMENTAL -  gallery 1
Don Trout - Paintings in Watercolor, Oil, and Mixed Media
The guitarist is Darryl Denning playing:
Danza Cali by Mario Escudero, a selection from
Darryl's CD: Classical Guitar Artistry.
I call this series of paintings "Arizona Reflections" They are mixed media; acrylic and
collaged rice papers on creative edge canvas. Edges are toned to hang without a frame.
"Arizona Reflections #1
18" x 24"
"Arizona Reflections #2
24" x 30"
"Arizona Reflections #3"
24" x 30"
"Arizona Reflections #4"
24" x 30"
"Arizona Reflections #5"
18" x 24"
24" x 30"
20 x 24"
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I am indebted to Gerald Brommer
whose exhibit of collaged paintings
and book "Emotional Content"
provided the inspiration for
expanding into mixed media collaging
on canvas. The possibilities are
endless and I am enjoying them all.
Collection: Megan Trout
Collection: Megan Trout