Don Trout  Artist, Teacher, Demonstrator


During my preschool years I found a pencil and I started drawing. This was the
beginning of a life-long love affair with art. In grade school my notebook of drawings
outweighed my notebook of school work. The drawings were not masterpieces, just
tanks, planes and soldiers, battle scenes and other typical subjects of a young boy's

As a grade schooler,  my mother gave me a set of watercolors. I was noticing other
things now, like the beauty of young girls, and the natural world around me. I morphed
into a painter. I soon had a watercolor entered in a school competition and won a
Saturday Scholarship to the Art Institute. As a typical youngster, drawing from plaster
casts didn't hold my attention; so the Art Institute effort didn't last long.

I continued to paint, however, and on entering the university decided on a fine art major.
Now disciplined art study was no longer a chore. In fact, I relished the classes. It was
here I discovered the love of oil paint and the feel of canvas under the brush. I enjoyed
the camaraderie of the small group of art majors. The curriculum, touching on every
medium, studying the old masters, and visits to the local art museum, brought the entire
world of art to life for me.

To this day I still feel a thrill laying a watercolor wash and seeing the affect of
transparent pigment on fine white watercolor paper; and the same satisfaction from
picking up a brush loaded with oil paint and caressing the surface of a canvas. Whether
my compositions are planned and followed through to completion or spontaneous and
started with random patterns and shapes until the surface textures tell me what is
needed to make a painting, I derive the same satisfaction.

My life wouldn't be complete if I didn't paint. I am still having a love affair with art
The Artist
Welcome to my website
The guitarist is Darryl Denning playing:
Study in E Minor by Francisco Tarrega, a selection
from Darryl's CD: Classical Guitar Artistry.
My home and studio space in Cathedral City, California
I have three options for painting space: plein-air on the porch in back when weather
permits and on bad weather  days either in the kitchen or in the garage.
Garage workspace and art storage with
a swamp cooler for those hot days
The spacious kitchen has room for
painting easel and equipment
Detail from a
Southwest style
Sunrise Mountain
Acrylic on canvas 24" x 48"
The Piper Plays, the Ravens Dance
Acrylic and  mixed media
on canvas 24" x 30"
Stonewall Gardens, View from the Courtyard
Acrylic on canvas 30" x 40"
Ancestral Path\
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas 30" x 24"
Beyond the Wash
Acrylic on canvas 30" x 24"
Using heated Tyvek , acrylic paint, and rice papers on canvas.
Intended to be diptychs, each consists of two canvas halves 9" x 12"
After Armageddon